26 June 2014

Climbing out of the rabbit hole

The passion of my youth was getting down to the roots of the big ideas, be whatever those big ideas might be. Delving into them, arguing over them, examining them from this and that way. A good bit of distance removed from my youth now, I've found that those big ideas are all too easily acceded to, all too not easily turned into anything resembling practice.

That practice, that daily life, that's the important part.  I'm increasingly drawn to people who I can agree with on daily life, let their stance on the big ideas be whatever they may.

Delving down the rabbit hole of ideas can be exhilarating, but skimming and scanning and linking and multi-tabbing make for easily collapsed warrens.

We live in bodies easily washed over by red hot rages, all to readily turned astray by deep seated primal urges.  Forgetting that and focusing only on the big ideas can lead to a simplistic disavowal of our all too easily succumbed to foibles. I'm all for simple, not for simplistic.