06 November 2011

Living the good life without a German car

It is apparently illegal to have a blog post now without citing this, so there you go, enjoy.

Now on to something more boring...

When I mention the good life I'm not just talking about giving up your job as a draughtsman so that you can turn your house into an urban farm, but that might be one way you could achieve it.  I'm thinking more about how we as a society view the good life.  With a child coming up, I'm thinking more and more about how we tell our children what a good life is, and how we show them what in life is worth doing.

This week I plan on exploring this topic.  If any of you have some good examples of someone whom you think is living "the good life" tell me about them, I'd love to hear.


  1. Cam, can you please do a LITTLE bit of research before writing these blog posts? I mean, we've all seen Soulja Boy Tell 'Em's episode of Cribs. I'm pretty sure he fits Maslow's definition of a self-actualized man.

    For further study:


  2. Usually I look to Soulja Boy Tell 'Em as my first reference, but I guess I was remiss this time.